About this Blog

about Daniel L. Benway's IT blogAs anyone who’s worked with me knows, one of the things I do when I learn a new technology is to write copious notes on it. I do this for two reasons: first, it clarifies my thoughts and structures my exploration. Second, it gives me something to refer back to six months down the road once I’ve forgotten what I’d learned only six months prior! It seems silly to not take an extra few minutes to clean up these notes and make them available to the IT community.

When I started in IT there were very few LANs, and the Internet was in its infancy. When you learned a new technology back then you had to go to the local bookstore and hope they had what you needed. Today, fortunately, we’ve got Google, YouTube, blogs, etc., and I’ve benefitted tremendously from all of these new avenues of learning. I know that the only way to keep the online knowledge community strong (the community I depend on) is to contribute to it, so here we are.

Everything I post is freeware, done in the spirit of open-source. You may distribute unchanged copies of anything here freely to anyone at any time. Care has been taken to cite contributing sources and individuals, please do the same. If you find errors in anything posted on this site, please comment on them and/or contact me so that we may all help the community.

Oh, one more thing… “Damnit Jim, I’m an infrastructure specialist not a web developer!”… please bear with me.